Poll Finds- A fifth of non-believers turn to prayer in a crisis or out of habit

UK- A poll conducted in the UK has found that one in five non-religious people pray to God, the study found.

Just over half of all adults in the UK pray at least sometimes and are increasingly likely to call on God for help when engaged in activities such as cooking or exercising.

The study found that only one in three say they regularly pray at a place of worship, with most of them praying before going to bed and incorporated prayer to their daily activities.

2,609 adults surveyed, 20% of them said to ComRes for Christian aid charity Tearfund who conducted the survey, they incorporated prayer into their daily routine when they performed household chores or cooking.

A further 15% of non believers prayed before boarding a plane or when travelling and even when they exercising.

The main reason people prayed, the survey found 70% of them said it was because of their families, whilst 42% said they prayed to thank God.

40% of those who prayed said it was for health and for friends.

Non believers prayed because of a personal crisis, desperation and needs, the surveyed found that 24% of them did this as a “last resort”.

A further 32% said they prayed “on the off chance something could change”,  while 3% said they did so because it was a “matter of routine”.

Bishop of Gloucester Rachel Treweek told The Guardian, “We should not be surprised by these recent findings, which reflect human longing for the mystery and love of God amid experiences of daily life.”

Isabelle Hamley chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury, added that prayer is “primarily a line of communication with God – thinking, reflecting, bringing one’s concerns and worries into a bigger picture. Prayer can involve requests, but it’s unhelpful to see God as a heavenly Santa,”

“Many people are driven to pray at some point in their lives, even if they are not religious. Praying spontaneously is about reaching out.”

Photo Credit-  Independent.co.uk

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