Portugal police ‘find cocaine in traveller’s padded pants’

Lisbon- Police in Portugal have detained a man at Lisbon’s international airport accused of carrying 1kg (2.2lb) of cocaine in fake bottoms.

Media in Portugal is have said a Brazil citizen arrived from a flight from the city of Belém do Pará, in northern Brazil.

The police have not disclose how they discovered the case.

A second suspect, who is suspected as being the recipient of the drug was detained at the city’s station. The suspects are aged between 32 and 40 years old.

The amount of drugs seized would be enough to make 5000 individual doses of cocaine, the police said in a statement.

No estimation was given on the amount the quantity was worth.

The two male suspects are facing chargers of drug trafficking.

In January the Portugal and Spain authorizes found cocaine hidden in fresh pineapples that had just been sent to South America.

Photo Credit- BBC


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