Posh Joburg girls’ school reeling after man found skulking in hostel

JOHANNESBURG- Roedean School in Parktown have informed parents whose children attend the school that a 22 year old man was arrested on the school premises who allegedly broke into the school premises.

The school sent out a letter to parents on Monday informing them the incident did occur and that the school reassured parents that no one was physically harmed and nothing was stolen.

The letter in part read, “The girls were safely in their rooms throughout the event. A single suspect‚ who was involved and detected on video‚ was apprehended and placed in police custody.”

The school said they had staff attend to the matter and communicate to boarders, parents and the larger community, “Roedean holds the safety and wellbeing of our girls as a priority. We continue to work with security, local authorities and neighbouring schools and businesses to improve the overall security of the area.”

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