President Ramaphosa given more time

Johannesburg – The Gauteng Liquor Forum has agreed to give President Cyril Ramaphosa an extension in order to consider its request to allow them to sell alcohol during the lockdown.

The president has requested to be given until Friday, the 17th of April, to respond to the request by the forum.

The forum is asking to be allowed to run a limited service so that their businesses can survive. They said that the response from the state lawyers showed that their request was being considered.

“What it shows is that the issues that we’ve raised despite some complaints from sections of the public, is that the issues we’ve raised are quite fundamental issues and we’re happy that the president has indicated we must wait for Friday,” said Eric Mabuza, the group’s lawyer.

“We could limit the quantities alcohol that are sold by shebeens and taverns, we could also limit the trading hours. My clients want only a take-away basis” Mabuza added, stating that his clients are not asking for too much.

The president is said to meet with the National Command Council where he will discuss the government’s assistance programme and the request by the liquor forum

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