President Ramaphosa ‘shut up’ diss becomes an anthem- Listen

February 15, 2018. Newly appointed President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa at a sitting in parliament. PICTURE: ESA ALEXANDER/SUNDAY TIMES

CAPE TOWN- President Cyril Ramaphosa has become a gold mine for some rappers, who search their whole life for that one lyric that will take them to stardom.

President Cyril Ramaphosa just drop one line telling the DA to “shut up” and bomb it was a gold mine for social media response.

Ramaphosa made a social media storm on Tuesday after he told the Democratic Alliance’s John Steenhuisen to “shut up” during the president’s question and answers session in Parliament, the DA member kept interrupting the president during his time to speak.

The president lost his cool.

Twitter ate this up and quickly made soundtracks to his remarks.

Some even suggested that merchandise should be made out this moment:

Photo Credit-  Esa Alexxander


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