Pretoria advocate charged for allegedly assaulting a woman

Pretoria – A South African advocate is expected to appear at the Pretoria Magistrate Court on Monday. This follows after he allegedly assaulted a woman.

It is said that he beat the woman with a bottle after she was on the ground after being kicked by the advocate.

The police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said that this victim is said to have suffered visible injuries in the head.

Mavimbela also went on to say, “According to reports, the victim, 29, who resides at a flat in Sunnyside, was allegedly assaulted with a bottle and kicked after she had fallen to the ground, following an altercation that had ensued after she had reportedly asked for a cigarette lighter from the suspect”.

According to the police the victim was badly hurt to a point where the police had to call an ambulance for her.

He also said that, although the victim knows the suspect’s physical address, the Sunnyside police have been able to establish the advocate’s whereabouts.

The 26 year old was arrested last Friday and charged with assault with intent to cause harm to the other person.

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