Principal murderers denied bail

DURBAN – Three men accused of the brutal murder of former Southlands Secondary School principal, Gona Pillay, and the attempted murder of her husband, Logie, were denied bail at the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Gona and her husband were on the verge of selling their Silverglen home before they got attacked by assailants who posed as potential buyers.

It is reported a 24-year old real estate agent contacted the Pillay’s notifying them about potential buyers to visit and review their property.

As people who have been notified, the Pillay’s willingly allowed four men in their home but before they knew it, the men allegedly produced knives and assaulted the Pillays before fleeing in their Mercedes Benz.

The 63-year old principal died on the spot whilst her husband had to battle for his life in hospital and is reported to have recovered well.

Three men, Braveman Underhill, Lungani “Basil” Underhill Jr and Fred “Boy” Msomi were all charged under schedule 6 of the bail legislation, meaning they had to prove to the court that there were exceptional circumstances warranting their release on bail.

Brandon Pillay, the chairperson of the Bayview Community Policing Forum, said he is very pleased with the magistrate’s decision to deny the culprits bail.

The case is set to be back in court next month.

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