Private security guard strike called off

JOHANNESBURG – The private security guard strike which was slated for Thursday, 2 November has been called off.


The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority in South Africa (PSiRA) on Tuesday took to their twitter account to confirm that the strike has been called off and that it was never authorised in the first place.


A male voice note that went viral on social media that a nationwide private security strike was imminent was only to scare people, PSiRA confirmed.


The voice note threatened that they will be bloodshed on Thursday and that security guards will kill all foreigners they came across.


In the voice note, the man threatened that all airports, rail stations, malls and other public places would be closed down.


The regulatory authority says the message was recorded by a few disgruntled individuals to scare people so that they never report at the workplace and public places.


On Monday, Management of PSiRA met with the leaders of African Security Congress (a political party) who are reportedly responsible for orchestrating the rumoured countrywide security strike on social media.


The party assured the authority that the strike has been called off and that workers are free to report to work.


PSiRA says it condemns any threat of violence against foreign nationals, adding that everyone should respect the rule of law.


The last time there was a countrywide security strike three years back, almost 150 people were killed.

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