PS4 software sales spike during the pandemic

Johannesburg – The PlayStation 4 era may be winding down, but people are playing their consoles more than ever at home. Sony just announced as part of its first-quarter earnings that despite a 22% decrease in sales of hardware and packaged games, digital software sales are up 83% year-on-year, bringing in revenue of 395 trillion yen ($3.72 billion).

At 599 trillion yen ($5.65 billion), total PlayStation revenue was 36% higher than the same period last year and was the highest for any April-June quarter in PlayStation history. More than 112 million PS4 consoles have now been shipped worldwide, and Sony has close to 45 million PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony says sales of The Last of US Part II and also out Ghost of Tsushima are strong performers, though the latter game was not released last quarter so isn’t a contributor to these figures.

This financial year, Sony expects a further 31% increase in gaming-related revenue due to the PS5’s launch, though operating profit should only see a light bump.

It is reported that Sony has upped its production goals for PS5 by 50%, aiming to manufacture as many as 10 million consoles through the end of the year.

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