Rachel Kolisi’s surprising and funny response to women who want to date hubby Siya

Siya and Rachel Kolisi.

If the Springbok team is the best in the world, it’s safe to that their captain is tops.

Siya Kolisi is one of the most popular rugby players and everybody loves him, especially women.

We all know that he has a great sense of humour and overall just a really nice guy.

Needless to say, his wife Rachel Kolisi is one lucky lady.

Having said that, it’s not surprising that there are many ladies out there who would love to date the rugby star.

In the past, the mom-of-two called out those for sliding into her hubby’s DM’s for unashamedly saying that they wanted to date him.

However when The Boys South Africa, posed the question: “Would you date Siya Kolisi?” to Bokke fans outside the Cape Town Stadium, and posted it on their Instagram account, it came as a shock when Rachel popped up in the comments section.

Even though there were ladies who openly admitted that they would definitely want to date Siya, Rachel’s response came as a surprise.

Two girls, one who has a fiancé and the other who has a boyfriend, said that they would date him.

Another woman’s response was an immediate “yes,” saying that he’s a funny guy. One woman responded that she would actually date Rachel.

After hearing all of that, Rachel simply responded: “This is brilliant” with a row of laughing emojis.

Rachel and Siya celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on August 13 and the couple both shared the news on their Instagram feeds.

Rachel shared gorgeous images from their wedding day, while Siya opted to go with a throwback picture of when he first asked her out saying, “Doom can do wonders.”

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