‘Ramaphoria’ is fast evaporating- The DA

CAPE TOWN- DA federal council chairperson James Selfe says his party can take on an ANC-led Cyril Ramaphosa in the coming months, according to the party the euphoria surrounding his election is “fast evaporating”.

The Democratic Alliance will host its federal congress to elect new leaders next month.

Selfe is running again for federal council chairperson, which he has been incumbent for 18 years.

Selfe said that the Ramaphosa is in an uncomfortable position and with new leaders expected to be elected in the DA they would have much more strengths than a ANC led Ramaphosa leadership.

Selfe explained, “I think the so-called ‘Ramaphoria’ is fast evaporating, and there are two reasons for that,”

“The first was the sudden embrace of [land] expropriation without compensation, and that’s not only of land, but of houses, properties and residential properties. It’s a very, very wide field.

“Secondly, the Cabinet that he put together is still populated by dodgy individuals.”

He added, “Until the ANC sorts out its internal contradictions, the country will continue to be governed in a haphazard way.”

Selfe believed that their DA leader Mmusi Maimane resonates more with the youth of the country than Ramaphosa.

He said, “There are more voters under the age of 35 than the rest of the electorate put together. He is someone who can resonate with the youth and people left behind.

“He does not own a huge house in Clifton and several farms. He is a person of the people and can resonate with people’s problems in ways Cyril can’t.”

Photo Credit- Political Analysis South Africa

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