CAPE TOWN- Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa speaking at the celebrations of Nelson Mandela milestone of what would of been his Centenary year at Grand Parade in Cape Town, Ramaphosa told the crowd that the ANC NEC is to finalize Zuma’s exit on Monday.

Ramaphosa attending the rally, the ANC launched celebrations of 28 years since former president Nelson Mandela was released from the Victor Verster prison in Cape Town.

Speaking on Sunday, Ramaphosa said, “The NEC will meet tomorrow to discuss this very matter. And because our people want this matter to be finalized, the NEC will be doing exactly that. We know you want this matter to be finalized. We know you want closure on this matter”.

The setting of the ANC’s celebration of Nelson Mandela, Ramaphosa tried to emulate a call for unity and transition in which Mandela was famous for.

The ANC president said, “Nelson Mandela was very clear that he always sought to put the interests of our people first, but also clear about continuing to unite the people of SA and ANC. This is precisely what is informing our approach as we handle this whole question of the transition.”

NEC meeting had been urgently called as the party pushes for closure of the on going discussion and transition talks, as the country awaits the fate of the president of the republic.

Photo Credit- EWN

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