Ramaphosa backs Kwezi over alleged rape case

JOHANNESBURG – ANC presidential hopeful and Deputy president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa made shock revelations regarding Kwezi’s rape case.

Speaking to political analyst Karima Brown during a radio podcast on Thursday, Ramaphosa said he believes Kwezi’s story regarding her alleged rape by President Jacob Zuma.

The victim in question, Fezekile (Kwezi) Kuzwayo died just over a year ago, a decade after President Zuma was acquitted of her rape.

“She put her evidence before the court, and when you are dealing with issues of gender based violence, rape, the general tendency is to sometimes dismiss, … I know how difficult and painful it is to for a woman to garner up the courage and say yes I was raped. It must be one of the most difficult decisions she had to make, so yes I would believe her.”

Asked about her chances of becoming the next ANC president in the upcoming congress, Ramaphosa expressed concerns of corruption and bribery that are partaking within the party.                                                                        

“We’ve been hearing stories that people are being approached with loads of money, and some of it ranges from R50,000 per delegate, R100,000 per delegate… some people are even being bought cars… it seems that a lot is at stake in these elections,” he said.

Ramaphosa said he would love to take over the reins of the ANC and eventually become the next South African president so that he has enough power to serve the people of South Africa; adding that he has plans to restore the dignity that the ANC deserves.

“I would like to serve our people, make a contribution to the development of our people, our country. I’m a beneficiary of what the ANC has invested in me, what the trade unions have invested in me, what student Christian organisations have invested in me.”

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