Ramaphosa: #GuptaLeaks opened my eyes that the wheels were coming off

Johannesburg- President Cyril Ramaphosa praised the media for exposing state capture, saying the thousands of leaked emails from within the Gupta empire made him realise “we were dealing with a much bigger problem than we ever imagined”.

#GuptaLeaks leaked around 200 000 and 300 000 emails to the media a year ago that set in motion a series of exposés within government.

Ramaphosa responding to questions from editors at the Tuynhuys, Cape Town with South Africa National Editor’s Forum during a question-and-answer session Ramaphosa “applauded” the media for “prising wide open” the extent of state capture.

When asked what he had done as deputy president to stop state capture, Ramaphosa responded,  “Before that (the leaked emails) it looked like isolated incidents… at Eskom and elsewhere, but when the Gupta emails came out, it was clear that the wheels were coming off completely.”

The leaked emails showed how the Gupta family, who were close to former president Jacob Zuma and his enriched son Duduzane after numerous directorships, the family had infiltrated numerous state-owned enterprises and laundered money to fund private projects and to bank accounts in Dubai and India.
When Ramaphosa became president in February, after Zuma’s was forced to resign, the wheels of justice seem to start turning with the Hawks began rounding up suspects and the Asset Forfeiture Unit froze bank accounts belonging to the family and their conduits.

Ramaphosa conceded he could have done more in his previous position as deputy president, “but we are where we are now. Let’s look forward.”

Ramaphosa added it was now up to the law enforcement agencies to bring those involved in corrupt activities to book.

The president encouraged the media to keep on their investigative journalism and exposing corruption, also such activities in the private sector.

Photo Credit- BizNews.com

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