JOHANNESBURG- President Cyril Ramaphosa has made it clear non has the right to invade land, saying that action is a sign of disorder and violation of law.

The president was responding to land grabs at Olievenhoutbosch in Tshwane over the weekend. Ramaphosa did visit the area as part of his tour to call for South Africans to vote.

He called for police and other law officials to reinforce the law and order.

Ramphosa said those who occupy land illegal will face the might of the law.

He said, “All those who want to invade land, they will get to know that we’ll not allow that, we’ll respond to that by saying you can’t.”

If illegal expropriation of land is allowed, it will set a bad precedent he continued.

“Because if we do that, then we’re allowing lawlessness, then anybody can go and invade any space that they want to,” he said.

Ramaphosa reassured the residents of Tshwane in Itireleng and Olievenhoutbosch that their housing issues will be made a priority by the government.

Photo Credit- eNCA

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