ABU DHABI – Fresh from securing a commitment of US$20 billion from the Gulf, President Cyril Ramaphosa said his not “playing around” in his efforts to secure more investment.

Ramaphosa said these comments in an interview in Abu Dhabi following a three country visit, he said he was serious about driving economic growth.

During the president’s trip both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates committed to investing US$10 billion each in South Africa after he conducted high level talks.

Ramaphosa said that economic growth through investment in the private sector is what will grow South Africa’s economy.

With the country’s serious economic problems, the president recognised that there needs to be a turnaround.

“We are in this not to play around… this is serious, this is about the growth of our economy.”

Before investment promises were not achieved however Ramaphosa says that he will work hard in ensuring these commitments are honoured.

“We are going to drive it from our office, to make sure that this does become a relaity and is not just words.”

During his state visits in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, they both expressed optimism to invest in South Africa, with both countries saying South Africa is yet to achieve its true potential.

Photo Credit-EWN

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