Ramaphosa: Now not the time to drop our guard against Covid-19

Johannesburg – With the festive season fast approaching, President Cyril Ramaphosa has cautioned South Africans, warning us all not to become the architects of our own undoing.

He said that the country was now moving from relief to recovery, rebuilding amid the devastating impact that the Covdi-19 pandemic has brought on the economy and the livelihoods of millions of people.

In his weekly newsletter, Ramaphosa said that now was not the time to drop our collective guard.

Ramaphosa is urging the country to be extremely vigilant to ensure that coronavirus infections did not spike once again, as seen during the winter period.

The president warned that a resurgence on any scale would dramatically reverse the gains that the country has made so far from both a medical and an economic perspective.

He further urged people continue wearing masks at social gatherings, warning that failure to do so would not only risk an individual’s life but all those around that person.

Ramaphosa said that it was extremely important that the country abided by Covid-19 health regulations as we all try to rebuild the economy.

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