Ramaphosa speaks on ANC conference violence

EAST LONDON – The ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned the violence which erupted between party members at a conference in East London on Saturday night.

Speaking at a press conference, Ramaphosa said the behavior displayed on the night by some delegates were un-called for and should not be tolerated.

The conference which was aired live on television turned violent when party members got into a heated argument following disagreements about the adoption of delegates’ credentials.

At least 8 delegates were injured and some of them were also hospitalised.

“Comrades, what we saw on television screens [Saturday night], and some of the things of the incident we saw were from within ourselves here on social media; it’s something that we as the African National Congress must be deeply ashamed about,” Ramaphosa said.

“We cannot allow violence be utilised as the way of resolving our problems and differences. This is what puts the African National Congress into disrepute,” he added.

Ramaphosa called on all ANC members to resolve their issues and differences in a peaceful manner in order to reach a consensus.

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