Reading Council Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

The Reading Borough Council is urging local people to take at least a month off from alcohol and revel in the countless benefits that come with not being constantly intoxicated.

About five million people in the UK took part in this campaign last year and the survey revealed 79% saved money, 62% had better quality sleep and more energy and 49% lost weight.

“January is the ideal time of year to try something new to improve our health and wellbeing. I’m leading by example again this year by signing up, and I would encourage people to sign up to the challenge too. They can potentially lose a few pounds and make a saving into the bargain. Make a ‘Dry January’ your New Year’s resolution. You won’t be alone, and there is plenty of support and advice available.” -Councillor Graeme Hoskon.

Not drinking alcohol for a month can help people re-evaluate their drinking habits long term. The ‘Dry January’ campaign has proven to be very effective at changing behaviour.

The most thorough study yet has shown that six months after completing ‘Dry January’, 65 per cent of people have made a positive change to their drinking habits by drinking less or cutting alcohol out completely.

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