Regnum face scam allegations

JOHANNESBURG – Former employees of a telecoms company, Regnum Solutions, have spilt the beans on how hundreds of customers were conned into buying worthless SIM cards for R500 each.

The company which was based in Benoni, before it relocated to Durban last week, left multitudes of angry customers in Johannesburg who fell for their trap.

A former employee, who pleaded anonymity, said customers were duped into buying sim cards with a belief that they will get free airtime for five years.

“Customers were told that if they buy the sim cards, they will never buy airtime again until five years,” he said.

It is reported the company is affiliated to Credico SA, which supplies them with SIM cards from The Starter Pack Company (TSPC).

Regnum’s boss, Thato Riba, has rejected the allegations saying his only job was to source agents to sell SIM cards to customers, and paid them according to the number of sim cards sold.

“I hire agents and give them sim cards to sell, I don’t know what they tell customers when they sell these SIM cards because I do not have any control over them. I don’t condone it but there was nothing that I could do to avoid that,” he said in a firm voice.

One of the former employees denied claims by Riba saying, “we were trained to lie and deceive potential customers; duping them to buy the sim cards in the belief that they would get free airtime, data and SMS for five years.”

Although Telkom confirmed to have worked with TSPC, the company says it never worked with Regnum before.

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