Renault imposes deadline on Red Bull- May 2018

SPAIN- Renault needs to known if Red Bull will use its engine for the 2019 season by May this year.

Red bull has made it not secret that they could switch to Honda power at the end of the season.

Cyril Abiteboul of Renault, “It is important to understand that that reliability gives more options for increasing efficiency. When you increase reliability, you can use more and more power.

Renault Cyril Abiteboul said the changes are understandable due to the long term engine rules changing, he said, “The situation (in 2018) will be comparable to the end of last season in Abu Dhabi, when we were able to use the maximum potential of the engine.”

Red Bull needs decides which engine it will use either Renault or Honda.

Abiteboul needing an answer, warned: “We cannot wait forever.

“I know that Christian has said he has options, and he is absolutely right. Like him, I know and read contracts.

“But we have obligations to help formula one, not Red Bull, and it is obvious that we must plan our work.

“The deadline is spelled out in the sporting regulations, because as far as I know, there should be clarity as to which engine supplier each team will have for the following year by the end of May.

“As far as I can tell, this is our deadline. By this time, we want to know whether the cooperation will continue,”

Photo Credit- Autosport

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