SAN FRANCISCO-  Elon Musk tweeted out plans Monday for yet another side venture, alleviating the nation’s housing crisis.

He Tweeted, “The Boring Company will be using dirt from tunnel digging to create bricks for low-cost housing,” about his nascent tunnelling enterprise.

Company spokesperson confirmed the news, saying the bricks will come from “excavated muck,” and that “there will be an insane amount of bricks.”

Musk Tweets suggest that he will be selling the bricks and the company said that future Boring Co offices will be constructed from the company’s own bricks.

Juan Matute lecturer at University of California said it is not clear how many affordable houses will be built but said it was a different issue.

Matute said Musk,  “assumes that housing costs are driven by construction materials, and particularly, construction materials that can be replaced by bricks,” Matutue said. “That’s not the case.”

Only in California that Boring Co has started digging a tunnel, land and labour but has only drove prices up.

On its website, Boring Co said its bricks could possibly replace concrete in a portion of its tunnels’ linings, which it says would help the environment, as concrete production creates significant greenhouse gas emissions.

Photo Credit- The Real Deal

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