Report: Mugabe backed party faces divisions

Harare- According to Daily News in Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwean opposition party that was reportedly backed by former president Robert Mugabe has since been hit by divisions, according to the report.

The report says that the Mugabe backed party, newly formed National Patriotic Front (NPF) has been hit by divisions after an accusation that its founding leader retired brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri was incompetent.

Sources within the party have said that there were serious fractions within the new party. Mugabe’s wife Grace and her senior generation40 backers saying the ex-military brigadier lacked the capacity and energy of leading the party.

Earloer this year the former army brigadier, who quit Zanu-PF earlier this year to protest the removal of Mugabe, was reported to be the leader of the new political party but the party has denied reports of fractions.

The party’s spokesperson, Jealous Mawarire, has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of manufacturing lies, adding that he had no one has complained or heard any complaints about the former military strongman’s leadership.

He said, “We have all our feet on the ground and our hands on the wheel. We will shake the regime in a big way and will certainly save our people from the shackles put on them on November 15, 2017. We will send Mnangagwa and his fellow coup organisers out of government through the harmonised elections this year,”

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