REPORT- Swazi villagers ‘forced to drink water with human waste’

SWAZILAND- According to Swaziland News Residents of Mazamazama in the Shiselweni region in Swaziland are reportedly being forced to drink water with human waste, just a few metres away from the Royal Palace of Africa’s last absolute monarch, King Mswati III.

The report claims villagers are using a pond as a source of water, that is surrounded by human waste for domestic purposes.

The Swaziland News report said that the challenges have existed in the area for water supply, “that cannot be utilised by residents as it is strictly reserved to provide water to the king’s palace.”

Lucky Mhwanazi, representative for the constituency said the community could not benefit from the borehole but said the problem is being addressed.

Mhwanazi is quoted as saying, “We have a water crisis at Mbangweni, however, I can assure you that this is being addressed. The new borehole cannot be used to provide clean water to the residents as it is strictly reserved for the palace,”

The Swaziland Solidarity Network (SNN) spokesperson, Lucky Lukhele said they were not all surprised by this, “Well, we are not at all surprised by this shocking unhuman development. Swazi people have been forced to live in far worse conditions because everything that happens in the country is based on what the King wants. We’ve hope he would have some human decency and share the country’s water resources with the poor villagers.”

Swaziland just celebrated their 50 year independence and including celebrating the King’s 50 birthday.

Photo Credit- Mail & Guardian

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