Report- Tensions between Mnangagwa and army commanders, ‘Intensifies’

Harare-  Tensions between president Emmerson Mnangagwa and the army is intensifying according to a report by The Zimbabwean Independent newspaper and the “military clique surrounding him”.

Senior government sources have told the newspaper that Zanu-Pf military elements are deteriorating and have “serious political implications”. It is believed that the army wants Mnangagwa to serve one term and not run for presidential election and if his wins they want deputy president Constanio Chiwenga to be in power.

“Tensions and mistrust are certainly building up in government, although things may appear rosy on the surface. The feeling is that the military clique is making too many demands both in government and the party (Zanu-PF).

“The military has been so strong that they have veto power in some cases. For instance, Mnangagwa had initially appointed Oppah Muchinguri as one of his deputies, but the military demanded that the position be given to Chiwenga, who also insisted on being in charge of defence,”

“It has always been clear that Chiwenga was the real power behind the throne. It’s pretty obvious that he wields tremendous power and influence in the Mnangagwa administration.”

The military appear to be loyal to Chiwenga and still has veto powers within the Zanu-Pf  and government decisions.

Photo Credit- Bulaway024


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