Report- Thieves in Brazil grab $1m in cellphones from airport

RIO DE JANERIO- Globo television reported on Wednesday that Brazilian thieves disguised themselves as employees within the airport, they made off with $1million shipment of cellphones at the Rio de Janerio, Galeo International Airport on Sunday.

The media report said security video footage of the men, who were wearing the uniforms normally used by cargo area employees, when they  entered the area on Sunday.

The thieves disguised themselves as cargo workers in the airport and $1m worth of Samsungs

The report said a group of men, armed, where then believed to have hid the shipment of Samsung Galaxy S9 phones in the Mare, a huge, nearby Rio favela, known as an impoverished communities.

The robbery is the latest in a series of brazen thefts by audacious crooks in Brazil

Globo television quoted Venancio Moura, head of security for the Rio transport businesses’ union, said,  “The three criminals easily got into the cargo terminal and stole a million dollars’ worth of latest generation cellphones.”

Questions are certain to be asked about the ease in which criminals gained access to the airport's cargo hold

Police have not commented on the reported incident, this incident is the latest number of brazen robberies by thieves that have targeted commercial cargo’s. Questions are being asked how the criminals manged to gain access to the airport’s cargo hold to easily.

The consignment of phones could be stacked on top of a pallet in the airport's cargo hold

The thieves usually target trucks, they are then hijacked and forced into area’s called favela’s, known for their lawlessness and violence, where all contents of the trucks are taken.

This photo shows the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, left, and back of a Galaxy S9 mobile phone, during a product preview in New York

Photo Credit- Daily Mail



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