Reports- Air Zimbabwe in financial crisis- on the brink of collapse

HARARE- Reportedly state owned airline Air Zimbabwe is financially struggling and is barley managing to fly passengers to their various destinations, in and outside southern Africa.

Air Zimbabwe had been regard in high regard, with the airline flying to various destinations around the world.

The airline has suffered due to years of mismanagement, the airline saw their planes frequently commanded for ex-president Robert Mugabe’s personal use making the airline no longer viable.

With many new low cost airlines, air Zimbabwe has struggled to adjust to the changing market.

Daily News is reporting that their sources in the airline have said that the airline was now only operating three aircraft for its domestic and regional routes.

The unnamed sources said the airline was also struggling to service and fuel its few operating planes due to viability problems that were threatening its very survival.

The source said, “Things are very bad here. Flights are routinely being cancelled at short notice and crews are having difficult times trying to provide plausible answers to angry and stranded passengers.

“It is an understatement to say that there is total chaos at the moment. We are now often forced to combine domestic flights, in an endeavour to try ameliorate the situation, but this is not working,”

Photo Credit- Business Daily News Zimbabwe

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