Restaurants and pubs set to benefit from ANC conference

JOHANNESBURG – A number of restaurant and pub owners in Nasrec and Soweto say they are looking forward to gain from the much anticipated ANC’s 54th conference that resumes today.

More than 5.000 ANC delegates will be gathered in Nasrec for a five-day thriller to elect a new leader who will lead the party in the next presidential elections in 2019.

While ANC delegates are ecstatic about the conference, restaurant and pub owners have found an opportunity to maximise profits during the course of the conference.

“I am a business person and when I see an opportunity I grab it, I have designed fliers which will be distributed to ANC delegates showing them the specials that I have for them,” said Ndwedwe, a restaurant owner in Nasrec.

Other pub owners say they are very happy that the conference has arrived, adding that they have increased their stock to accommodate everyone.

Others also highlighted that it is the best opportunity for businesses in Nasrec and the surrounding areas to suck millions of money that ANC delegates have.

“These ANC members are very rich, they have been looting public funds for many years – it is time for both small and large businesses to utilise this opportunity to make profits by selling food and drinks throughout the course of the conference.”

General manager of Sakhumzi, one of the famous pubs along Vilakazi Street, Joshua Jumo said a number of ANC members in their party regalia started to visit the pub since Wednesday.

“We have started seeing members of the ANC already, but they are coming as individuals and we hope more will come,” Jumo said.

According to Jumo, the restaurant is home for all but the ANC conference will be a big bonus for them.

While business may be booming for some, others restaurant and pub owners are not looking at capitalising on the ANC event.

When asked of the incoming conference and how it will influence business, Social Link Pub’s Andile Radebe said he was not looking at the ANC conference to make a difference.

“We have a big line-up for the weekend but we are not looking at the ANC event to make the difference,” he said.

Those eyeing to capitalise on the conference are however ready for the gathering.

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