Revenues to double in 2020

Nairobi – A British money transfer operator WorldRemit sees a lot of profit being made from transactions.

It is said that transactions made by Africans are seen doubling by the year 2020, this will be made possible as more people on the African continent have access to mobile payment platforms and expatriates send money home.

This seven year old company is going to open a regional office this year in South Africa.

According to the founder and CEO Ismail Ahmed said in an interview said that another site will be in service in Kenya.

The CEO also went on to say that that is where this London-based company sees the highest number of individuals who make these transactions.

This business was started 7 years ago by the CEO after he was struggling to send money to his family in Africa while he was staying and studying abroad in London.

This company is drumming into the growing in demand in Africa for mobile payments.

These are the popular places where banks are very scarce or banks are unreliable yet there is a very good internet connection making it easy for people to handle their finances in through their smartphones.

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