Rise Mzansi Manifesto Unveiled: Songezo Zibi spells out a bold vision for South Africa’s future

Rise Mzansi

Johannesburg – Jobs, education, land, food, subsidies, securing borders, ending corruption, crime and inequality were among the key factors that the Rise Mzansi manifesto promised to South Africans ahead of the 2024 elections.

Addressing the party’s first manifesto at Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria on Saturday, leader Songezo Zibi told the group his party will not let the country go to the dogs while they are all still breathing.

“South Africa will not go to the dogs, not while we are all still breathing. We will not surrender to amasela! Imigodoyi! Rise Mzansi has a bold vision to build a new society founded on the values of freedom, equality, justice, solidarity and integrity,” he said.

He addressed thousands of supporters and followers in a bid to garner support for his candidacy in the state election this year.

The party is preparing to embark on its first national elections in 2024 after it was founded nine months ago.

During his address, Zibi said they would fight day and night to restore people’s dignity and ensure that they benefit from the government.

“We will fight for land with piped water for those who want to grow their food or to build their own home; discounts on selected foods for SASSA grant recipients, and job seekers grant for those who are looking for work but have no means to do so,” he said.

He slammed the ruling party for its failures to govern the country and accused it of hating its people.

“We love our families and communities too much to gamble with their lives by letting thieves stay in power. This is not the future we voted for in 1994, and therefore it is time to once again move away from an abusive system and leaders who hate us,” he said.

He said 2024 was their 1994, adding that they would become another failed African state whose citizens were poor despite the country’s natural resources and wealth if they did not boot out the African National Congress (ANC) from power.

He promised no miracles; instead, he said the country needed new leaders with vision and purpose to rebuild and restore the country’s shattered economy, including a government of unity.

“This is the main reason this People’s Manifesto begins with the question of leadership, good government, and how we can implement the will of the people with sensible policies and laws,” he said.

Furthermore, he encouraged supporters to mobilise people to rally behind the party in their efforts to win the elections.

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