RNC 2020: Trump warns Republican convention of ‘rigged election’

Washington – US President Donald Trump has warned his fellow Republicans their opponents may “steal” November’s election, as his party anointed him as their candidate.

“They’re using Covid to defraud the American people,” Trump told delegates on the first day of the party convention in North Carolina.

Trump repeated his much-disputed claims that mail-in ballots could lead to voter fraud.

According to opinion polls, he is lagging behind Democratic opponent Joe Bidden.

Biden, a former vice president to Barack Obama, has boasted a 10-point lead on occasions.

Addressing delegates in person at a party conference that has been dramatically scaled back to Covid-19, Trump accused Democrats of “using Covid to steal an election”.

The US president has repeatedly suggested an unprecedented surge in postal voting could lead to widespread fraud even though experts and voting officials say this is a false conspiracy theory.

“The only way they can take this election away from us is if this is a rigged election,” he said. “We’re going to win.”

Trump has warned of a “rigged” election before, at the 2016 election as he trailed Hillary Clinton in the polls.

On Monday, he was officially nominated as a formality to be the Republican nominee at his party’s convention in the city of Charlotte.

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