Roads barricaded in Mogale City shutdown

JOHANNESBURG – Roads in Mogale City on the West Rand have been barricaded with burning tyres and hard rocks as part of a community led shutdown over crime in the area. Reports that came on Monday morning indicate that Robert Broom and Van Riebeeck Avenues in Munsieville are affected by the protest action.

On Sunday evening, a flyer was distributed for a complete “Mogale City Monday Shutdown”. The flyer urged residents to “unite and reclaim our city from crime, drugs and human trafficking”.  It also included the hashtags #NoOneGoesToWork #NoOneGoesToSchool and #NoTransporyAllowedToMove

The protest action is taking place on the R55, the long main road from Protea Glen leading to Krugersdorp in Mogale City in the West Rand. It has affected all transport movement, as residents are not allowing any vehicles to move on the road.

Some of the residents are accusing foreign nationals in the area of selling drugs and abducting children. “There is a traffic standstill in Kagiso, Munsieville and Krugersdorp as cars are not allowed to go in or out” one of the residents said.

“Every main road in the area has been blockaded.

“Taxi drivers have also joined the march.”

Police has been sent in the area but there have not been any reports of violence.

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