Robert Mugabe Reshuffles Cabinet

HARARE – A senior researcher at the Institution of Security Studies has viewed the recent reassignment of Patrick Chinamasa from the finance portfolio as an act that undermines Zimbabwe’s re-engagement strategy with the international community.

With South African’s economy being impacted negatively after the reshuffling of the cabinet it is no wonder that the researcher reached the conclusion that Zimbabwe’s economy is most likely to suffer due to the actions of their president Robert Mugabe.

Until his reappointment on Monday Patrick Chinamasa as the country’s minister of finance, a position he had held since after the 2013 Elections.

The ex minister of finance is believed to have been leading talks with international lenders which included the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

It is believed that President Robert Mugabe reassigned Patrick Chinamasa while he was in Washington for the annual and Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group.

Chinamasa has been attending the meetings in his capacity as the country’s Finance Minister.

Patrick Chinamasa’s shoes have been filled with ex Home Affairs minister, Ignatius Chombo.

Chinamasa is one of the few who are believed to be involved in what seems like a well-planned strategy to clip Mnangagwa’s powers.

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