In Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, tens of thousands of refugees flee over the border from Burma.

MYANMAR – A mass exodus is still continuing, as hundreds of Rohingya Mulsims leave Myanmar the humanitarian continues and worsens.

Rohingya Muslims are still flooding into the borders of Bangelasdah every week, bringing their harrowing accounts of torture, starvation and murder, as the military crackdown of the minority ethic group continues. The UN has called it an “ethnic cleansing”.

Nur Mohammad, said his village in Myanmar’s Rakhine state has been surrounded by buddhist extremist, “The Moghs (Buddhists) torched our houses, kept us confined and starving,” Mohammad said. “Villages are razed to the ground. We walked for days through mountains to reach here.”

Enayetullah a 30 year old man, was one of the 200 Rohingya who left their homes,”We stayed all these months hoping the situation will be fine. But in recent weeks, security forces have taken away our young men. If they abduct 10, only one returns,”

“If they send us back, we’ll be tortured or killed. We would rather be killed here in Bangladesh. Here, at least I’ll get a Muslim burial,” he said.

Kate Nolan a coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Bangladesh said about the humanitarian crisis and state of helping refugees, “The new refugees say that they feel unsafe, threatened and harassed at home, in villages that are often abandoned,”

“We are concerned about the nature of the shelters, how robust they are and if they are really prepared and equipped for the heavy rains,” she said.

Enayetullah is no too concerned about that, he said, “At least there is adequate food here and there is no one to kill or torture you us”.

Photo Credit- The Global Post


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