Royce-Rolls Does Not Belong To Me: Pastor Alph Lukau

Alleluia Ministries International’s Pastor Alph Lukau has denied social media claims that a Rolls-Royce he was pictured with belongs to him. According to his Facebook feed, Lukau is also the founder of AL Foundation, an NGO that has distributed up to 100 tonnes of food and supplies to communities in the Gauteng area.

Source – Times Live

Photos of Lukau standing next to and sitting inside a Rolls-Royce surfaced on Twitter this week.

Lukau, who is said to be fasting together with the congregation until next week Tuesday, said the car did not belong to him.

“It is not my car. It belongs to someone at church and he came with it to show us. That’s all,” Lukau said in a message.

“It should be clear that I have not bought the Rolls [Royce] but I would rather break myself into pieces to feed our people all over.”

He said his church had since the lockdown started given “close to 100 tonnes” of food parcels to poor communities.

“I have been carrying the bags [of food] myself,” he said.

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