Russia hits back at Britain in spy poisoning row, experts called in

LONDON- Russia has hit back at Britain in spy poison saga, they have demanded proof from Britain that of its alleged involvement in a nerve agent attack, as international weapons experts arrived to take samples of the toxic substance.

On March the 4th a former double agent Sergei Skripal, was poison in Salisbury England, the nerve attack took place just two weeks ahead of Russia’s presidential elections,  Vladimir Putin was re-elected, the incident has plunged relations between London and Moscow into crisis.

Britain has received support from the European Union and the US who have agreed that the nerve agent attack was carried out by Russia becuase the evidence proofs so.

This evidence however has not been given to the Russians, the Kremlin demanded that Britain provide  proof of Russia’s involvement – or apologise.

Spokesperson for Putin said, “Sooner or later these unsubstantiated allegations will have to be answered for: either backed up with the appropriate evidence or apologised for,”

Putin completely disregarded the claims, he said, “complete drivel, rubbish, nonsense” of the allegations by the British.

The nerve agent attack is likely to be discussed at the EU summit in Brussels starting on Thursday.

Russia’s foreign ministry issued a statement on Monday saying it was “perplexed by the extreme haste EU members have considered… the British inventions over Russia’s involvement in the tragic incident in Salisbury”.

“We regret that the EU, by omitting obvious facts and considerations, has once again fallen victim to ‘European solidarity’ and accumulated anti-Russian reflexes.”

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