BENGALURU – FIFA medical committee chairman Michel D’Hooghe told Times Newspaper that the Russian team will not be involved in drug testing procedures at the World Cup as Fifa looks to reassure teams that samples cannot be tampered with.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2016 commissioned a report that was complied by Canadian sports lawyer Richard McLaren found that more than 1000 Russian competitors were involved with the Russian sporting body to conceal positive tests over a five year period.

The probe implicated soccer and many other sporting bodies, and now the sport’s governing body is taking no chances at the Russian hosted World Cup.

D’Hooghe told The Times, “My basic condition to lead the anti-doping policy in Russia is that everything would be done from the very beginning to the last point by Fifa without Russian intervention,”

“That means the chaperones, who take the players from the field, will be designated by Fifa and will not be Russian.”

Russia did acknowledge some of McLaren findings but denied repeatedly the existence of state-sponsored dope programme.

D’Hooghe added what the process will be like during the tournament, “The players will be brought to a doping control room where there will be only Fifa doctors, two Fifa medical people and no entrance for anybody who is not allowed to be there,”

“Everything will be sealed and brought to the control of the laboratory in Lausanne… I told the people in Russia that if something goes wrong, for the first time they will not be criticised as it will not be their responsibility.”

Photo Credit- Eurosport


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