Rwanda Denies Torture Claims

Five thousand people died here. Most of them clubbed, hacked, stabbed or shot to death. Their unburied bones are gathered and displayed at memorial centres all across Rwanda.

Rwanda has denied the accusations that its military used torture for detainees to confess.

This followed after a report released by the Human Right Watch (HRW) claimed that they tortured its detainees in order to get them to talk. Rwanda went on to say that these allegations are ‘baseless’.

In a 91 page report released by HRW, this human right movement state that it has confirmed 104 cases of people who were detained illegally have been indeed tortured.

It is also said that this took place between 2010 and 2016. According to this report released on Tuesday these people were detained and tortured because Rwanda believed that they were working with their enemies.

But the Rwandan Justice Minister Johnston Busingye said that these accusations are not based on facts because there is no credible evidence.

The report also states that these victims were taken to an unknown location and that they were tortured by asphyxiation, electric shocks and mocks executions.

According to the report they were tortured until they a confession document or until they incriminated other people.

The HRW’s latest findings are based on the fact that they were detained on the suspension of being the members of a predominantly Hutu rebel group based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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