Rwanda gags Christian radio station

KIGALI- Rwanda’s media watchdog has ordered a US-owned Christian radio station to shut down for three months after a “vile” sermon against women, it said on Monday.

Amazing Grace FM, a radio station in Kenya aired a sermon local pastor Nicolas Niyibikora on January 29, in which he said that women are dangerous, evil and against the plans of God.

The airing of the sermon caused outrage, as many complaints were sent by the public including the National Women’s Association and the Women’s Journalist Association to the Rwanda Media Commission, which oversees journalist ethics.

Commission chief Edmund Kagire said in a statement on Monday,”The sermon was denigrating women in the most vile manner,”  demanding the station and preacher “issue a public apology for the damage they have caused.”

American evangelist Gregg Schoof is the owner of the radio station, which has a history of airing controversial shows.

Schoof did however say he condemned anytype degrading of women.

Photo Credit- Levine

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