SA authors come together urging President Cyril Ramaphosa to declare books as essential

Johannesburg – Top SA authors have come together to write a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa urging him to declare books as essential.

The group which is made up of over 350 authors,  including authors such as Redi Tlhabi, Zakes Mda, Lebo Mashile, and cartoonist Zapiro among others, expressed how books should be available online and delivered as all books are in some way educational.

As the group commends the government’s hard work and leadership during the pandemic, in the same breath they exclaim how the book industry was already vulnerable before the pandemic and fear that further restrictions on the industry will lead to more job losses for booksellers and publishers.

The group further highlighted how restaurants will be allowed to deliver cooked food and they do not dispute the importance of this, however, they request that the same lenience be extended to them as a lifeline in fear of complete demise of their industry in the near future.

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