SA businesses in full swing amid political unrest in Zimbabwe

HARARE – South African businesses in Zimbabwe are reportedly operating normal amid political unrest and reports of a military coup in that country.

Zimbabwe has been facing a political meltdown during the week after the military reportedly took over the national broadcaster (ZBC), the Morris Depot (police base), closed major roads and confined the president Robert Mugabe and his family in their home in Harare.

Although the army is currently running the capital Harare amongst other cities, as negotiations for the oldest ruler in the world (Robert Mugabe) to step down are underway, most South African businesses such as Pick n’ Pay stores, PPC and MBCA (a division of Nedbank) are reportedly open and operating normally.

The only affected businesses include bank branches and stores that are located near the parliament building which was cordoned by the army.

Implats spokesperson, Johan Theron also confirmed that no disruptions have been reported in the operations of mines in the country.

“While there are reports of military presence in the country’s capital to date there has been no sign of unrest or military presence at any of our mining operations,” said Theron.

Although the army maintains heavy presence at the Robert Mugabe International Airport, Air flights between Zimbabwe and South Africa are operating normally and no flight schedules have been disrupted in any way.

Authorities have also confirmed that the Beitbridge Border Post, Africa’s busiest border is also operating normally and no disruptions have been reported.

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