SA High Court Rules Against Solomon Izang Ashoms’ False Accusations on Pastor Alph Lukau

JOHANNESBURG – Earlier this week journalist Solomon Izang Ashoms was sentenced by the High Court in Johannesburg to 20 days of jail time with 2 years of a suspended sentence.

Solomon Izang Ashoms a Nigerian born journalist based in South Africa is known to be a fierce critic of prominent Pastors and Churches on social media platforms (mainly on Facebook and Twitter). His attacks and allegations on Pastors often appear personal and defamatory, but he claims to have proof to back all his accusations on them. It appears that for Solomon every pastor is a thief, a fake manipulator, an adulterer and a magician in a priesthood gown. His unverified allegations against men of God often lead to great debate on his Facebook profile and persuades many to blindly believe his views.

Of the Pastors who have been victim to his slanderous and manipulative attacks include; Pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME (Love World), Prophet TB JOSHUA (SCOAN), ArchiBishop ZONDO (Rivers of Living Waters Ministries), and Prophet SHEPHERD BUSHIRI (ECG Church) just to name a few.

Popular South African Musician Judith Sephuma also found herself a victim of his malicious attacks on Facebook and took to her Facebook Page to publicly dispel the lies and rumours spread against her by Solomon.

Judith Sephuma Responds to Solomon Ashoms Rude Accusations

Around August 2016, Solomon Izang Ashoms launched a vicious campaign against a Pastor in Sandton, Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International. He went on a rampage against him on every possible platform (radio, newspapers, tv and social media) making unbelievable allegations against the said Pastor, his family and his church. He claimed he had proof to substantiate his allegations and insults, and managed to convince some that he was speaking the truth. In his smear campaign against Pastor Alph Lukau, other media houses who believed his lies got interested in the story and ran with it on their respective platforms.

Unable to justify himself Pastor Alph Lukau took the matter to court to challenge Mr Solomon Izang Ashoms and every media platform that spread unfounded lies about him.

Confronted with the truth, it became evident that Mr. Solomon Izang Ashoms had made up all his allegations against the Pastor, his wife, his children and the church with malicious intent to cause him harm. Consequently;

Sunday Times retracted their article on the Pastor and apologized to him

Metro FM cancelled their scheduled interview with Solomon

Power FM has apologized to Pastor Alph (read the full story below) 

–  SABC 2 gave the church an opportunity on air to set the record straight on the allegations of Solomon about the Pastor, his family and the church.

When given opportunity by the court on his accusations, it was discovered that Solomon Izang Ashoms had no evidence, no witnesses or proof of his allegations, and that they were all pure lies.

In a letter written by himself he unequivocally apologized to Pastor Alph, his family and the Alleluia Ministries Church. In the same letter he says that his defamatory allegations were unfounded and untrue, they were meant with an ulterior motives to cause harm and for that he was sorry.

He further committed never to repeat such unfounded and defamatory allegations against Pastor Alph Lukau. His letter was made an order of the court and the matter put to rest as Pastor Alph decided to forgive him and let it go.

But it seems that Solomon cannot help it but abuse his freedom of expression by hurting others unfairly, ignoring the fact that the law works for everyone and defamation is a serious crime that can land you up to 10 years in prison. He recently went back on social media making allegations and unfair comments on Pastor Alph and the church so on the (17 November) the HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA found him guilty and in contempt of court; he is sentenced to 20 days in jail with 2 years suspended sentence should he make again any false allegation against Pastor Alph in private or in public.

Contributing Editor Salome writes – “I first learnt of Solomon Izang Ashoms a few years ago in my home country of Nigeria as he launched a vicious attack of slander on prominent Nigerian pastor Chris Akhiyilome of Love World Ministries. He also went on to attack TB Joshua and yet again with not a shred of evidence to back his claims except for the fact that he is against prominent Christian leaders. What Pastor Alph of Alleluia Ministries has done sets a precedent in how journalists have the right to freedom of speech but no man has the right to slander, conjure lies and defame another under any circumstance. And in this case the law has taken its course and it has been exposed that he lied about all these pastors for his personal benefit.
I put it to you – is it legally, ethically and socially permissible for a journalist to create and fabricate news to suit personal fame? If someone has the title “journalist” should that not mean one who presents facts and truth with no personal agenda? It is time that freelance journalists are brought to book and governed by the law without affecting the lives of innocent public figures.”
Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International: Images on Facebook


  1. It was just a matter of time for Solomon to be jailed.. He can’t help himself, he need legal assistance to shut him up. His envious desire to demolish Godly emperors is his quest for life… We have no place in SA for intolarent individuals like Solomon… Men of God have been very nice to him for long, his bus had to come to some kind of a bus stop.

  2. No one mess with Alph Lukau that my father my mentor my all. Our God is an awesome God. You touch his people he brings justice and you will wonder what just happen to you. Alph Lukau he is send by God to us. If you don’t blv visit AMI then you

  3. I had a pain on my back for about 5years. Doctors could not help me. Pastors could not help me.
    Every time I would ask my sons to massage me. Every time they touched me, the pain was unbearable. I was swollen as if it’s an old injury. I would put stuff on my back to make it less painful, like hot water bottle, massage oils, painkillers, etc. Nothing would work.
    One day there was a service at the Dome hosted by Pastor Alph Lukau.
    The night before the event, I had a dream. Pastor Alpha prayed for me in a dream! I have been healed ever since.

    So, anyone who has a problem with this Man of God, has not met with him. U don’t know God! If u have anything negative to say, say it to me!!!!! I dare you.

  4. Amen,what you said is so true…He is send by God…That ministry is blessed…I know cause I have been there myself…Not under his voice yet but under Pastor Mike Songiso,blessed man of God…I am following Pastor Alph on FB and listening to his sermons…Blessed…You get so much from him…

  5. We Praise God for the step Alleluia Ministries took to deal with Solomon. The Man has no fear of God. He did the same with our Pastor.

    I thank God justice is served though I think 20 days is light!
    Let’s hope he learns and repents!

  6. He should have never thought of messing wif my papa….A GOD’S INSTRUMENTS …HE IS AMI’S MOSES ….AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE A SPRITUAL DADDY LIKE HIM ….apostolic ..prophetic.. AMI ..❤✌
    Dey should have sentenced you to 2 months in prison n meet wif our god but I hope you REPENT

  7. I m Philip Shitohi, from Kenya. I got Bishop Lukau for the very first time on internet 3 says ago, n loves him, n the ministry God has given him.Shortly afterwards,I could not believe the malice Solomon Ashoms had against the anointed servant of God.

    I just Wonder about the mercy, grâce and longsuffering of our God, if a man of the lines of Salomon can say such bad things about an anointed servant of God, and stil be Alive !!!

  8. Hearing about the powerful Pastor Alph Lukau, it appears he is true man of God, can any help me have access to his WhatsApp number or email to enable interact personally with him, thanks

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