SA Lockdown: Karim says SA ready to move to Level 3

Johannesburg – Professor Salim Abdool Karim says South Africa is ready to move down to Level 3 lockdown.

The professor says the peak of infection can be lowered if we stick to social distancing and hand sanitising, otherwise, SA should brace for more infections.

“If we adopt the current strategies of social distancing, wearing our mask, hand sanitising, wearing our masks when we go into shopping malls and public transport, we could be in a situation where we have a lower peak than what is predicated.”

“It is in our hands, if we choose not to follow those rules then we can expect that the peak might even be bigger,” said Karim.

 Weighing the debate around the reopening of schools, Karim said children should return to the classroom, provided proper sanitation regulations are followed but he warns that small outbreaks of infection should be expected at schools from time to time.

 South Africa has a total number of 19,137 confirmed cases of Covid-19.


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