SA rappers oughta adapt or get left’ advises K.O amid decline of US hip hop

Award-winning rapper K.O believes that his industry peers should “adapt” to the changing face of hip hop or get left behind.

The “Sete” hitmaker recently took to Twitter to share his two cents on a statement making the round: “No hip hop album has hit No 1 in 2023, for the first time in 30 years”.

“A trickle down effect sadly. Already been tough for mainstream hip hop in SA and clearly the worst is yet to come seeing this is the current state in US hip hop. SA rappers oughta adapt or get left.”

But tweeps did not agree with the rapper’s take on “adapting” and felt that artists should carry on doing what they are doing.

The initial tweet became a discussion with tweeps calling out their favourites to produce.

Local rapper A-Reece, 26, came out tops with fans saying that as long as he is spitting bars, there is still hope for hip hop.

Drake and Travis Scott’s names were also on the list with fans saying that had the two dropped song, they would have definitely reached #1.

@Matlharhi_MW said: “Nah fam long as A-reece still spitting we good.”

@biigmill said: “We don’t care as long as Reece is still alive re xapo.”

@TevinSimelane_ added: “Not surprising, US hip hop suffered a huge brain-drain in the past few years. A lot of the young guys who were supposed to be big have died or are in prison.”

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