JOHANNESBURG-  South Africa has agreed with 50 other African nations to have a free trade agreement within the African continent.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said he was delighted and excited that his country has joined other African countries that have signed the deal.

The agreement still has a long way to go but the continent is a step closer to a dream that has been promised for many years. The 31st African Union Summit is still currently underway, five more countries have signed the free trade deal, which is called the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

The five countries who signed the free trade deal were South Africa, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Namibia and Burundi have now joined 44 countries who signed the agreement three months before in Kigali.

Rob Davies, Trade and Industry Minister said the details within the agreement still need to be sorted out and examine where the deal could be commercially valuable.

The agreement must go to the South African parliament before the agreement can be put in place.

Six countries have ratified the agreement and sixteen more are undergoing the process before the continental free trade deal can become a reality.

Photo Credit- EWN

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