SABC Employees go on a National Strike

Journalists, Newsreaders, producers and other SABC employees are not happy with their salaries and have decided to unite in a national strike.

The salaries is just one of the issues they are unhappy about, their biggest concern is political interference in reporting and content that is put on national television as well as radio.

The employees gave 48 hours’ notice of the strike at 06:00 the strike commenced. Hannes du Buisson confirmed on Thursday that the strike is well under way. He also added that employees are demanding an investigation into protest reporting policies, unprocedural appointments of senior executives without advertising and of course a salary increase.

“The strike is all about a public broadcaster that needs to be free of political interference. We need to be free of board and executive interference. We want to demonstrate to the SABC that staff are fed up.” Said Hannes du Buisson.

The union had met with the SABC on several occasions in October. However, during the last meeting on Wednesday, a delegation of the SABC board failed to meet workers’ demands.

It appears that the employees with their unions had given the SABC plenty of time to meet their demands, but the SABC had ignored them and thus the strike ensues.

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