Sale of alcohol may spell disaster: Citizens

Johannesburg – With the country preparing for level 3 of the lockdown, some citizens have mixed feelings about the eased regulations.

The country had two months of stringent measures to curb the coronavirus, citizens will have to familiarise themselves with another new normal.

With some restrictions eased, including the easing of the national curfew and the ban on the sale of alcohol, many say they are optimistic.

“The implications this will have on the country cannot be ignored. This has been very apparent with the losses of jobs and companies closing. Economic activity must resume now,” said one citizen.

“We’ve been under lockdown for a very long time now and I haven’t had that sense of freedom,” another said.

With alcohol sales now allowed there are those that say the move may spell disaster.

“I drink too. I am happy but I don’t think it’s a good idea,” one citizen said.

Another said: “It might be a bit of a mess with the repercussions of the ban on alcohol being lifted.”

Other regulations that have been relaxed include the sales of hot prepared food in-store, the resumption of non-contact sports and domestic air travel for business purposes.



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