Samwu defends decision to shut down Tshwane

Samwu defends decision to shutdown Tshwane | eNCA eNCA

The South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) is defending its shutdown of the capital, saying the municipality has provoked them.

Major streets were shut down in Pretoria after bus drivers blockaded roads.

“The fact is that the city started the whole thing and provoked workers by giving other workers money and leaving others outside. The employer started the whole thing because had the employer not selected their own friends at the top; we were not going to have what we are having now,” said Union general secretary, Koena Ramotlou.

The union insists the buses weren’t stolen.

Workers are demanding an 18% pay rise.

“The 18% is not necessarily a figure that just arose, it’s a figure that came from top executives who got an equivalent of 18% and workers are saying the same thing you have done to to us,” Ramotlou added.

“It’s not like something that cropped up out of nowhere. It is informed by figures that were given to senior executives.”

They say it’s what top executives received, and the pay hike should be extended to on all levels.

The union is scheduled to meet with city officials this Wednesday morning.

Source – eNCA

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