SANDF members accused of torture and assault in the DRC

JOHANNESBURG- The South African Defence force (SANDF) members serving in the DRC have been accused of alleging torturing and assaulting people of the Democratic of Republic of Congo (DRC), the SANDF spokesperson said.

Spokesperson Brigadier General Mafi Mgobozi in a statement said, “The SANDF has been alerted to reports of torture and assault in the Democratic Republic of Congo allegedly committed by some of its members deployed under the United Nations mission in that country,”

“The allegations are understood to have been reported by citizens of the DRC.”

“General Shoke has emphasised that ill-discipline and criminality will not be tolerated within the ranks of the SANDF,” said Mgobozi.

“Those found to have transgressed the Code of Conduct and Military Disciplinary Code will be dealt with without fear or favour.”

General Solly Shoke has instituted a formal investigation, saying, “in order to establish their veracity and take the necessary corrective actions against those involved.”

Photo Credit- Dailypost

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