Saray Khumalo’s teammate disappears on Mount Everest

The Irish Times Seamus Lawless (39) was a part of an eight-member climbing expedition when

An Irish climber, who is a member of the team which includes South African Saray Khumalo, has disappeared while descending Mount Everest.

It is understood Seamus Lawless went missing after he slipped near an area known as the Balcony.

The area, which is part of Everest, is more than 8,000 metres above sea level and that places it close to the so-called ‘death zone’, a region where the air is extremely thin.

Reports suggest that rescue teams are searching for Lawless.

Meanwhile Khumalo, who made history on Thursday becoming the first Black African woman to reach the summit, is descending the mountain.

She is set to return to base camp at some point over the next 24 hours.

Source – eNCA

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